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BeOS Symposium

Be... BeOS Symposium

"BeOS Symposium"
- Welcome Mr. Steve Sakoman (COO of Be,Inc.) to arrive -
held in January 13,2001.

The guidance page is here.

The application file is here.(Japanese Only)

The page related to the symposium of the sponsor, support companies.
Nippon System Deveropment Co., Ltd. guidance page(Japanese)
Hitachi Microsoftware Systems, Inc. guidance page(Japanese)
guidance page(English)
Plat' Home Co., LTD report page(Japanese)
Digest Movie

There are digest movies of BeOS Symposium. Though size varies in these, but contents are same.



high quality(29MB)

The movie of Mr.Sakoman's lecture was opened to public.
Please select for your equipment.

BeOS, Windows Media Player( Need Indeo 5.0 codec )

Low Quality(21.5MByte)

High Quality(134MByte)

QuickTime Player

Low Quality(12.5MByte)

High Quality(120MByte)


Open [medium mixed concert]

"Medium mixed concert" was expression of the sound and the image.
Midi keyboard sounded and sent Midi-Data to the BeOS computer, and software on BeOS made images from it.
Programmer: Nobuto Matsubara
Keyboard Player: Nori Uchitani

"The trial education of media reach which used BeOS"
- The production which used Moho and the introduction of the works -

Osaka Electro-Communication University
The department of Media Information Culture
Professor Mr. Katsuhide Tsushima

"Be,Inc. in the New Century"

Mr. Steve Sakoman (COO of Be, Inc.)

Mr. Sakoman's slides were opened to the public. You can see when you click under link.
Mr. Sakoman's slide page
movie page

Awarding ceremony of Moho Animation contest

Entry Works Entry works were opened to the public here.

Panel Discussion
"An expectation to Digital Creation of media reach and Be, Inc."

Mr. Steve Sakoman(COO of Be, Inc.)
Mr. Yoshikazu Okamoto(Plat' Home CO., LTD.)
Mr. Osamu Iemoto(Osaka Economic University)
Mr. Yoneo Yano(Tokushima University)
Mr. Katsuhide Tsushima(Osaka Electro-Communication University)
Mr. Minoru Matsuda(Osaka Electro-Communication University)

BeOS Experience Corner

BeOS, Moho and etc

Thank the people participated in the symposium.
Thank all concerned sponsor, support companies.
And thank Mr. Sakoman very much.